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Department Mission, Values, and Goals for 2011-2012

Mission Statement

To recognize the nine sovereign tribes who share our geographical borders as distinct political entities, to support their self-governance efforts, and to work with their chosen leaders in a cooperative government to government relationship in order to improve the quality of life for all South Dakota citizens.
To identify, develop and/or coordinate federal state and local resources to increase partnerships between state and tribal agencies.
To introduce and/or support any legislation that would improve the quality of life for the Native American population in the state

Core Principles

1.            Each Tribe operates as a separate government to govern its own citizens under its own laws.    

2.            Each Tribe is unique with its own land base, language, religion, culture, and values

3.            Each Tribe has a historical and legal relationship with the State of South Dakota

4.            The State of South Dakota is to be engaged in a government to government relationship with the Tribes.

5.            Each Tribe is vital to the State of South Dakota; politically, culturally, economically, and historically.

Core Goals

1.            Establish Government to Government Relationship 

2.            Establish Governor’s Tribal Relations Policy 

3.            Memorialize and Define the State-Tribal Relationship

4.            Establish the Department of Tribal Relations

5.            Establish Trust and Promote Understanding



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